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JangleBox Compressors

The JangleBox is as much an effects pedal as it is a compressor. Typically, the goal with audio compression is for it to be transparent, but not the JangleBox. The JangleBox is proudly in your face, bringing the sound forward and thickening it. Usually, other compressors only control both the lower and upper range of the frequency spectrum, but the JangleBox is voiced so that your guitar's sweet-spot is controlled and expanded. The presence that the JangleBox creates is an addictive elixir for your tone and will make your playing cut through the densest mix. 

It's been 10 years since the first JangleBox captured the clean, bright ringing chime and sustain that was popularized by the Beatles, enhanced by the Byrds, and adopted by scores of groups like R.E.M., Tom Petty, and the Pretenders. The JangleBox captures that sound of running two studio compressors in series, a trick used by Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick and Byrds' engineer, Ray Gerhardt. If it's been a while, go back and give a listen to some of those tracks. They still sound vital, energetic and have great presence.

If you want that sound you have a couple of ways to go. You can travel with a pair of LA-2A rack units (each weighing 13 lbs and setting you back $3,500 each). Or you can get yourself a JangleBox.

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