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JangleBox Compressor-Sustainer**Updated & Improved**Hand Made In The USA

Model: JangleBox
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The JangleBox is a compressor that seems so natural for its purpose that it’s difficult to go back to other compressors. This is because the circuit of the JangleBox compressor/sustainer was developed specifically for the guitar and doesn’t have its origins in studio compressors. There have been many iconic recordings made over the years with obvious guitar compression. It would be impossible to list them all, but listen to ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’, ‘Drive My Car’ by The Beatles and ‘Free Falling’ by Tom Petty and you'll understand of what great a compressor can bring to your tone.

The cool thing about the JangleBox compressor is that you can achieve the classic ’60′s ‘push’ of a compressor: playing ‘Drive My Car’ is great when the attack is rolled up, plus you can turn the attack dial all the way up and get a very satisfying country spank sound. If you have a Telecaster type guitar with a maple fingerboard, try this and play some bends; it’s a cool thing to hear and even cool to feel under your fingers. You can of course have the compressor set at a more conservative level to give you a nice sonic boundary for playing chords and keeping a wayward rhythm part in check. The dark and bright switch is a unique feature on this pedal, and given the pedals history it makes a lot of sense. The bright setting is perfect for the classic Rickenbacker tone, giving the brightness back to the guitar after it’s been compressed. The dark setting is great for playing long held chords; the compressor helps to sustain the notes and as the top end is rolled off a little, it gives a nice, warm quality to the signal. In the normal position the compressor responds as a very good standard compressor.

The JangleBox is handmade in the USA with the combination of top components and good heavy duty build quality. The JangleBox is perfect for the studio and live work. But in addition to fulfilling its prime objective, the JangleBox is also capable of producing lots of other engaging and highly musical sounds, especially when placed in the front of your pedalboard's signal chain. And it does all of this with minimal noise.

Compressors are often misunderstood. A compressor is a unit used to control the amount of gain, while narrowing the dynamic range of the the signal. Other compressors typically control both the lower and upper range of the frequency spectrum, which provides obvious benefits on vocals and drums. But the JangleBox is voiced so that your guitar's sweet-spot is controlled and expanded. The presence that the JangleBox creates is fan addictive elixir for your tone and will make your playing cut through the densest mix.

The more you experiment with your JangleBox, the more you will be amazed. You get a great sound by simply setting the Gain and Attack knobs a little past halfway. But these controls are extremely versatile, and function much like those on ’60s-era studio compressors, controlling multiple parameters simultaneously, and interacting in significant ways. Switching from Normal to Dark mode with the mini-toggle yields rounder sounds reminiscent of an original Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer, or a MXR Dynacomp. The Bright mode emphasizes crystalline high-end overtones, making 12-strings and other guitars ring with a presence that must be heard to be believed. "Chicken pickin" Telemasters will fall in love with the spank and note definition that the JangleBox provides. Placed in front of a Tube Screamer, the JangleBox adds nearly endless Santana sustain.

Compact and powerful, the JangleBox is ruggedly constructed for the most demanding professional. Whether you’re looking to get that Beatles & Byrds chime and jangle, never-ending slide sustain, Nashville “squish,” or just a big, clean boost, the JangleBox delivers the distinctive compression edge.

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