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JangleBox J-Boost, USA Made Non-Compression, Clean Boost Pedal w/ 3-Band EQ

Model: J-Boost
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Condition: New
Price: $209.95
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The JangleBox J-Boost is a terrific combination of power and refinement. The American made J-Boost is the pedal for clean, non-compression and makes the perfect companion to any JangleBox compressor, or as a stand-alone enhancement to virtually any pedal in your rig.

Unlike some other boosters, the J-Boost is a total EQ boost, not just a glorified volume knob. With three bands of EQ, specifically placed in the “sweet Spot” of a guitar's frequency curve, you have the ability to sculpt and vary the tone of your entire rig.
By simply adjusting a single tone knob you can use the J-Boost as a treble boost, bass boost or even a mid boost. Or you can tweak your overall tone to perfection by eliminating low-end dullness or ice-picky highs. Imagine being able to push the lows on your Strat, tame the highs of your Tele, or add some “air” to your Les Paul.

Sure, you can use the J-Boost can help drive the front end of your tube amp to the breaking point if you want. So, if you love the sound of your amp, but want a “More” pedal, the J-Boost will give you just what you need. Because this pedal's distortion-free circuit was specifically engineered to deliver transparent, studio quality tone and clarity.

For many of us, our compressor is our most important pedal. But, because the Attack and Gain knobs on most compressor pedals are interactive, it can be very difficult to create louder output volume with low-level compression. The J-Boost fixes that by allowing you to lower your compressor's Attack to just a hint of compression and still get a clear, booming output.

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