About Us

LightSpeed Music LLC is owned and operated by Fran and Lisa Barnes, and based in Columbia, IL (St. Louis, MO metro area). Founded in January 2011, LightSpeed Music's growth has exceeded our most optimistic expectations. When we started the business, we spent a lot of time and effort researching how other e-tailers operated. Many of them were doing a fine job...but we wanted to do it better.

We set ourselves a goal of shipping everything in one business day or less...and that's what we do. We also decided that the typical 50-word “cut and paste” product descriptions used on other sites couldn't provide enough information for customers to make an informed decision. Therefore, everything we sell has been through a “hands-on” evaluation. Specifications are important, but only tell part of the story.

(WARNING: “Geek Speak” ahead)

Electric guitars are usually auditioned through our trusty mid-70s Fender Princeton Reverb amp. Yeah, it's not a Marshall stack, but we've had this amp since it was new and have a deep and abiding trust in what it tells us. Bass guitars are auditioned through a Phil Jones Bass Cub BG-100. If you know Phil Jones amps, you know that they are uncompromisingly accurate and always reproduce exactly what is presented at the input. Acoustic electric guitars are evaluated using an AAD by Phil Jones Cub II AG-150. Did I mention Phil's obsession with accuracy? Acoustic instruments are evaluated using our ears. We heard there's an app for this, but we're too cheap to blow a dollar.

Above all else, we are musicians. We love music, and yes, we are nerds. Being nerds, we strive for excellence and thrive on approval... and we want you to be blown away. We just wouldn't fit in at “Mega Music Big Box”. “Good enough is good enough” may work for others, but not us!