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Posted by in General on May 13, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Welcome to the first entry of the LightSpeed Music blog. I hope to use this forum as a place to share useful information about choosing and maintaining your instrument. I'll offer my blatantly biased take on trends in the music industry. I'm not above sharing trivial factoids. Oh, and be forewarned, try as I might, I might rant.


I'm old enough to remember when "good" guitars were only made in the USA, and a beginners's instrument bordered upon being unplayable. There were no CNC machines and great guitar-building tonewoods were plentiful. I've watched as the bulk of fretted instrument manufacturing has moved to Southeast Asia and I've been impressed by the quality some those factories produce. These are good times for those of us with "GAS" (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Our options have increased exponentially and our hard-earned bucks go further than ever before.


But with this cornucopia of choices comes responsibility. Guitar-building tonewoods are becoming increasingly rare and reforestation efforts are sketchy at best.


But let's save that issue for another day.  

Last update: May 14, 2014


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