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"It was 20 years ago today..."

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Well, really 48, but I couldn't resist...On this day in 1966, the Beatles played 2 shows, the first in Cincinnati and then another in St. Louis. Said tour roadie Ed Freeman, "That St. Louis gig was typical. The promoter didn't want to pay $200 for a roof over the stage, so the rain poured down on to it. Every time Paul sang, he'd bounce up and down, and every time his mouth bounced into the microphone these sparks would fly out."

There were a total of three roadies for the five bands on that tour, and their combined equipment fit into one stretch van!

Speaking about long-time Beatles roadie, Mal Evans, Freeman continued, "His basic advantage was that he could pick up one of those huge Super Beatle amps, squeeze it between his hands and lift it six feet on to a stage. He was absolutely stunning that way. He could also pick up about a half a dozen fans, lift them six feet off the ground and throw them over a fence."

Tragically, Evans died ten years later. But it's easy to see why, through all of their changes and internal battles, Evans remained with the band and a friend to all of them.

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