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Kudos to a business taking the long view

Posted by in General on August 08, 2014 . 0 Comments.

What's this? A business with a social conscience?

In 2009, the Kelly Creek wildfire swept through the Edge Hills Provincial Park in BC, Canada, leaving slopes susceptible to erosion that could lead to landslides, heavy debris flows and flooding. Reforestation of these slopes was needed to stabilize the area and mitigate these safety concerns. The project required a mix of coniferous tree species of primarily spruce and fir. Approximately 1,000 of these native trees were needed to complete this project.
Prestige Guitars, donated those 1,000 needed tress. And since then, Prestige has planted one new tree for every guitar they build.

“By launching our own reforestation initiative, we hope to do our part for the environment, and also persuade and motivate other companies in our industry to follow suit,” said Michael Kurkdjian, President of Prestige Guitars. “Although trees play an integral part in manufacturing a guitar, it’s frightening to imagine the state of our environment and our industry in the near future if we don’t start taking action now.”

As guitarists, our love affair with beautiful tonewoods has been a guilty pleasure. (Dirty little secret?) We all know that the wood needed to build our precious guitars is becoming increasingly endangered. I know that I convince myself that my guitar really won't make a big difference. It's reassuring to know that there are manufacturers like Prestige taking the long view.

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