What is a "Refurbished" instrument?
A “refurbished” instrument can be the result of a number of things. Often it is because of a minor imperfection in the finish, or an overrun, or a discontinued model. It could have been a prototype or a sales rep's sample. It is an instrument that the manufacturer wants to sell at a discount, outside of their normal distribution channels. As such, it is not covered by their warranty. 

A refurbished instrument can also be one that, upon arrival in the U.S. was found to have something that needed repair, replacement or just had a shipping "ding". The long trip from overseas can sometimes result in finding electronics that don't work, parts that have become loose, a bent tuning peg, etc. Our supplier (MIRC in Franklin TN) gets these instruments, checks them and does any needed fixing up.

Bottom line: some of them have actually had work done to refurbish them, and some have needed no work at all. But, they can't then be sold as "New", so...

Are "Refurbished" instruments stamped "Used"?
Except for the occasional items we get directly from a manufacturer (those also come with warranties), the guitars are indeed stamped "used". The manufacturer requires the instrument to be stamped "Used" on the back of the headstock even if it's never been purchased. Additionally, they also require that the original serial number be replaced. This is done to protect both the customer and the manufacturer. It protects the customer from a dishonest dealer representing the instrument as new "A-Stock". It also protects the manufacturer from fraudulent warranty claims, since these instruments are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. LightSpeed Music discloses everything we know about each one of these instruments. Our listings have detailed pictures so that you can see exactly what you are getting.

How much does shipping cost?
Zero, zip, nada. You won't pay any shipping or handling charges for any order shipped to the lower 48 states!

How does LightSpeed Music ship instruments?
Almost everything we ship is via UPS. We have found them to be dependable, speedy and their tracking system is excellent. If you would like us to ship to a P. O. Box or to an APO address, your order will be sent via USPS Standard. UPS tracking numbers are always supplied as soon as an order is packaged. There can be a short delay before the number is seen in the UPS tracking system.

Do you ship internationally?
Generally, due to the size of the packaging, the shipping costs to most international destinations is too prohibitive. However, please contact us if you live outside the U.S. and would like to purchase one of our products. We will let you know the cost and be happy to make it work if we can!

How do I know my order will arrive in one piece?
Shipping guitars and basses safely isn't difficult. We have shipped thousands of musical instruments, and less than one-half of one percent have been reported as damaged. We use quality shipping materials and ship every package with great care to ensure its safe arrival.

If I buy a case for it, will that make it safer to ship?
Our guitars ship in guitar boxes packed within shipping boxes, so they don't need to ship in a case. Cases do keep your guitar at more constant temperature and humidity levels, and also provide protection within your house and in your travels, but aren't necessary for safe shipping.

What do I do if my order is damaged during shipping?
We REALLY want your order to arrive safely. If it is damaged during shipping, you get your money back...we get a broken item. But on the rare chance that damage occurs, all we ask is that you notify us right away and if possible, send us a photo of the damage. We will send you a prepaid UPS return label. Please re-pack the order, attach the label, and send it back to us. Refunds are always issued the same day an item arrives back here. There is no way you will be stuck with a damaged instrument and no recourse!

Do you have a showroom?
LightSpeed Music is an internet based retailer. As such, there is not a showroom. We ship out of Columbia, IL (metro St. Louis MO area).

What is your return policy?
Returns are never a problem. You have 14 days after you receive your purchase to inspect, try out, and fall in love with it. If for any reason you want to return an item, just contact us for instructions. Refunds are always issued the same day that an item arrives back here. Unless arrangements are made beforehand, the purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs.

Can I pay by check?
Sure! Your order will ship as soon as your check has cleared our bank. Normally this only takes a few days.

Do you have some tips on taking care of my guitar?
Glad you asked! Read about the care and feeding of your instrument.