It's a big internet, and we know you have many choices. As such, we are thankful for the thousands of musicians that have chosen us, and would like the chance to provide you with the same level of service...

"I contacted Light Speed multiple times about different guitars, and they were always patient and very professional with me all the time I was 'browsing.'  When I finally took the leap and bought the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro I now have, my only regret is that I should have done it sooner.  It's a great guitar that plays exceptionally well, looks and sounds superb, was set up perfectly and is everything I could have hoped for.  I've previously purchased guitars online in the past (and a lot of other things as well), but LightSpeed's service before, during and after the sale was the best I've encountered.  I would not hesitate to recommend them and if I decide to add to my collection in the future, I'm sticking with Fran and Lisa.

Thanks for a great experience,

Don, Westerville, Ohio"

"Dear Fran and Lisa,

My guitar arrived yesterday.  I have never purchased a guitar sight unseen or without playing, let alone online and shipped.  This guitar is fantastic!  Thank you! I love the OM size, it has great sound and the neck is exactly what I hoped for.  Set up and action is pretty spot on.  

Fran was so helpful prior to the purchase and answered all my questions.  So polite and professional.Lisa packaged the guitar so nicely and the paper covering the strings was a nice touch.  Ample protection between the case and the outer cardboard box.

The Gator case is worth the extra money, it's solid and very well constructed with ample padding and protection.

I cannot express how satisfied with my new guitar, but how awesome an experience it was purchasing my guitar through Lightspeed Music!


"Been a long time since a guitar came to me that didn't need anything done to it setup wise and is perfectly playable right out of the (very carefully and professionally packed and labeled) box. Even the string gauge is right with double stop bends and barre chord vibrato at first touch. I'm so glad I got "refurbished" from you cause it's way better than new! 
Plus the Guild Jumbo Jr. is Awesome! The tone is rich and full, the "feel" immediately comfortable with great intonation, and it's easy to play even in the upper registers. It also weighs almost nothing even in its very well made extra-padded gig bag and unlike other acoustics, especially in NYC subways, it is truly portable 
It really feels like Christmas around here, 
Thanks So Much! 
Brice H"

"Dear Fran and Lisa, 

My guitar arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  Thank you so much for the care you took in refining the set-up, recommending the appropriate case, and packing the instrument for travel (that was really a pleasant surprise).  After allowing the package to acclimatize I opened the box, (and eventually the case) to find a great resonator that exceeded my expectations.  I tuned it to G and was really delighted with the action -- just right for playing slide.  I hope I have a chance to do business with you in the future.  Your company is outstanding.  I'm completely satisfied with my buying experience. 


"I wanted to let you know I picked up the Epiphone EJ-200SCE today at the post office. All is well, and it arrived like the last one I bought from you....perfect. I couldn`t be happier, because doing business with you is as painless as it gets! Thanks for the great customer service.


"By the way, the AJ-45 I purchased from you continues to impress me with the balanced power of its sound, especially the clarity and body in the treble strings.  I replaced the .012 set with .011 custom light set, adjusted the truss rod, filed the nut slots a bit, and shaved the saddle a bit.  The result is an amazing fine sound and action.  I have played hundreds of guitars over the years, and this AJ-45 is as good as acoustic guitars get - period.  Thanks so much.
Todd S."

"My Tanglewood guitar looks, plays, and sounds great. If it said Taylor on the headstock it would be over two grand. And that's not knocking Taylor, they are among the finest guitars ever built. The shipping was super fast, the communication on the weekend, no less, was great, and when I got the guitar, I was really very pleased. I have many guitars, acoustic and electric, and the Tanglewood just adds a fine piece. I feel it was a great deal. Thanks.


"I was so thoroughly impressed with your professionalism, your promptness, and your willingness to go beyond the transactional to make this a wonderful buying experience. I purchased this guitar for a 13 year old girl whose parents do not have the money to provide a nicer instrument. I bought the guitar with donations from other church members. The way you handled this sale was so pleasant and nice, and the guitar so beautiful, that I just wanted to say a sincere thank you. 

Have a blessed weekend. I hope our paths cross again.


"Hi Fran, I absolutely LOVE the Journey carbon fiber guitar!! Thank you for getting it here so quickly and safely packed!...My husband & I had so much fun opening it up & unwrapping it, & then when I locked the neck into place it took maybe 2 minutes at most to tune, & within 15 minutes of playing it felt like an old friend. The sound is even bigger and better than I'd hoped for - truly an amazing invention. The action is great! Thank you for the setup. Lisa"

"Yesterday I received my new Ibanez Artcore AG75. It wasn't expected for a few more days so I was pleasantly surprised. The guitar was packed very nicely and was in perfect condition. I couldn't be more pleased with your promptness and professionalism. I've been playing guitar for just over fifty years. I've had some good and bad experiences ordering off of the internet. My experience with Lightspeed has been VERY good. I plan to do more business with you in the future.

Thank You

"Couldn't be more happy with my purchase. Looks and plays better than new. You guys are top notch.


"Hi Fran & Lisa, just wanted to tell you I received the Warwick bass and I absolutely love it! …..  it was even better than I had expected. I was so excited I think I played it for 2 hrs. right out of the box. What a great sound and the set up was perfect for me. …. I can’t wait to play a gig this weekend and see what my band mates say. …. Thank you Fran for taking my call and answering my questions. So refreshing to talk to a fellow musician who understand guitars and how to work on them.  Also I think we are about the same age  …. Lisa, your follow up emails and quick turn-a-round on shipping is great customer service. You guys are great to work with and I will tell all my musician friends in Ohio to check you guys out. ….. Thanks so much …. And keep on rockin’ BOB"

"I wanted to give you some positive feedback.  Your listing / bullet points etc., are golden...your attention to detail and comments specific to the guitar made me comfortable.  Also, the youtube video is great and sets you apart from the masses as a company who cares.


"Lisa and Fran - I received the cherry Epiphone ES - 339. The packing was excellent and there was no damage in transit. The guitar is beautiful, and was set up great, as advertised in Fran's video. I am very pleased. And I thank Fran especially for being nice enough to talk with me on the phone and reassure me before my purchase.


"Thank you for taking the extra time taking pictures...I checked out your site I am impressed and will be a return customer. Thanks again for your human communication friendly business...kind of lost in this day and age. 


"I am very impressed with the appearance of this guitar, it is everything (or more) that you told me it was. The packing job was superb and arrived really quickly with no issues at all. I really appreciate the time you spent answering all the questions I had. It is a real pleasure doing business with people like you guys, and hope to be doing more of it in the near future.
Thanks again

"I just wanted to drop you a line telling you that purchasing the Epiphone ES-339 from you guys was what I think is the best decision I've made on a large purchase since George Washington was a L/Cpl....haha....Seriously, the time you spent with me via phone and instructions you gave me on the neck set up once it arrived was worth the purchase in itself. I highly recommend your company.  Thanks for a great experience in a time of our nation when it is rare.

Semper Fidelis,
Dane B."

(LSM says: Thanks Dane...and thanks for serving.)

"I just wanted to let you know that I sincerely enjoyed doing business with you. Anymore there are so many things you have to watch out for when purchasing a guitar or anything else and when I come across a business like yours I have to tell you about it. Am I happy with the guitar? Very much. I am equally as impressed with your politeness and professionalism and look forward to doing business with you again.


"Hey Fran,

I bought this Epiphone Les Paul from you and after a month of playing, I'm even more impressed than the day it arrived.

Really superb playability. Feels like whoever did the setup already knew my preferences, and the looks...well, lets just say it gets more compliments than any of my Gibsons, Fenders or Hamers. She's proving to be a real workhorse. Originally bought it for the venues I didn't want to take the "top shelf" stuff to, but it's become my "go to" guitar regardless of where I'm playing.

Some of the guys I play with gave me grief for pulling out an Epiphone...until they heard it. I don't know exactly what those Pro Buckers are, but the guitar really sings through my Mesa. Now they're ASKING me to use it!!! Just wanted to say thanks again for the amazing guitar and the great service...

Take care,
Don H."

"...thank you for a beautiful guitar. It arrived absolutely flawless... I appreciate the care you took in packing... thanks again for a smooth transaction and a really beautiful guitar that will make a nice addition to my other 36 guitars. (I am addicted).  --Steve"

"A short note to let you know the guitar arrived today. The packaging was very well done, and after I unpacked it I was amazed by the condition of the guitar - just as good as new! It plays beautifully and I'm sure it will bring years of happiness. Thanks again for offering a great instrument at such a reasonable price. All the best! --Mike"

"I received the Kingman today and it is beautiful. I sat down and played the thing for about an hour and it looks, plays, and sounds awesome. I want to thank you for an effortless transaction and super fast shipping. It was a pleasure doing business with you and will visit you again the next time I am looking to purchase...

Thanks again,
Joe P."

"Thanks again for the guitar. I got chance to play it a bit tonight and I'm beyond happy. Great tone, great sustain and beautiful cleans. Appreciate the work you did to set it up...ready to go out of the box. Thanks again. Take care. --Mark"

"Hi, Just to let you know I absolutely love this guitar and it is in great shape! It goes beyond my expectations, and I am very happy with it.. I have been looking for one like this for some time and I can see that it will soon become my favorite acoustic. You rarely see this model anywhere and I am lucky that this on crossed my path. THANKS! Mike."

"Hello Fran,
Received the guitar today. WOW! This is a little gem! Beautiful workmanship and great sound for a small guitar. I had been searching for a parlor size guitar for quite a while now, but could not find one that said "BUY ME". I have never heard of the Tanglewood brand before until I came across this one of yours. After doing some research on the web, all reviews were quite favorable, and I can see why. This little thing sings! I have a Martin, a Gibson, and a Guild - all fine guitars - but I think this will become my favorite. Regards, Rich"

"Fran  - your description of the Phil Jones amp as a hi-fi product and extremely accurate was spot on.  I have played my Kawai EP3 electric piano through it for a couple of hours this evening, it is quite amazing.  It's also a beautiful piece of gear, I'm glad that I found it and bought it from you.  I'm going to play through it with the big band this weekend, should be interesting. --Paul W."

"Dear Fran,
There's something wrong with the guitar you sent me. For the money it shouldn't sound, look, or feel as good as it does. I just wanted to thank you personally. The thing is totally alive and after a week I 've been getting voices out of it that are dreamy, sad, punchy, dirty or sweet. It seems to respond to whichever way I approach it. Twice this week I've stayed up almost all night because I couldn't put it down...the intonation, set-up, and flawless spruce top, well.... it's just more than I could have asked for. 

No two guitars are alike but this one was definitely meant for me, and you are the link for which I am, and will be eternally grateful. My hope and wish is that you share my joy. 

Sincerely, Peter B."

"Hi Fran, just received the red Jaguar and it is outstanding. Your pictures, info and descriptions were spot on, I couldn't be happier - it is everything you said it was. Thank you for such a prompt and painless transaction - I will have to check you guys out more often. --John S."

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you. The guitar I received was better than anticipated, and the price and shipping were awesome as well! Hope to buy more from you in the future!! Thanks again,
Tim C."

"Fran, Thank you so much. I have been playing with the Double Four and it is amazing...I will be a repeat customer. I absolutely love the Phil Jones Bass products and now I have found a great dealer to do business with. --Susan A."

"I have played this guitar for a week to 10 days now, and I find the quality of the sound, quality of the workmanship evident in the construction of this instrument, and the quality of the styling to be absolutely spectacular! This guitar is a real find and a very pleasant surprise!! It has it's own very distinctive and pleasant voice. It plays easily and smoothly ... and is in tune all the way up the neck! Thank you for producing such a fine and attractive instrument. I look forward to many more pleasant hours of playing this guitar.  Best Wishes for your continued success!!

Al T. 

PS: I also want to compliment the great communication and customer service of LightSpeed and specifically Fran Barnes. Showing concern for your customers is always good business!! Thanks again"

"I received the guitar a couple days ago and did not open the package for a few days as instructed. I opened it today and it is absolutely beautiful. I just wanted to say thank you for packaging it properly for a safe journey. I had bought another guitar recently that arrived damaged due to poor packaging...it is a fragile guitar after all and common sense tells us to pack it good. So once again thank you for being an excellent seller in all aspects. --Mike B."